Guidance Policy

Day Timers Early Learning Center's guidance policy seeks to nurture each child’s self-image through developmentally appropriate practices which fosters positive, successful experiences and demonstrates respect for each child. Young children’s social and emotional development is of primary importance. We seek to help the child develop life skills of self-control, and problem-solving techniques to help them make appropriate choices. The teaching staff sets clear, consistent and fair expectations for classroom behavior. Redirection to more acceptable behavior or activities is always implemented and encouraged. When necessary, time away may be used.

 Children learn from adults who, by their example, show them what is appropriate. Children are encouraged to behave appropriately, safely and considerately. Children value the security of clear fair expectations which are applied consistently. Children are given the reasons for rules, see the point in them, and join in the rule making. Children are encouraged to develop respect for each other and to be proud of themselves.
 It is important that the teachers and staff value children’s mistakes as learning opportunities; listen to children when they talk about their feeling
s and frustrations; and patiently remind them of appropriate expectations and their rationales as needed. Through successful experiences in all areas of their development, children benefit with feelings of high